Corrib Oil Rewards


Corrib Oil Rewards is our loyalty programme that allows you to collect points and avail of special offers every time you shop with us. Once you have signed up to Corrib Oil Rewards in-store you can start collecting points on almost everything you buy straight away.

How our Loyalty Programme Works…

  • • When you get to the till hand your rewards tag to the cashier along with what you are buying and your points will be instantly added to your tag.
  • • You can earn 1 point for every €1 spent in store* and you can use the points that you have collected to give you a discount off anything you buy at a Corrib Oil Service Station.
  • • Each month there are different special offers for Corrib Oil Rewards members, such as 5cent off every litre of petrol/diesel, free tea/coffee, discounts in the deli and loads of free products.
  • • Members are notified by text message when new special offers start – providing that you have not opted out of receiving text messages and have given us your most up to date information.

Collect Points when you Order Home Heating Oil

Don’t forget to quote your rewards tag number when you order your heating oil from Corrib Oil

Customers can now earn points when they order their Home Heating Oil. €1 of heating oil is equal to 1 loyalty point. These points can then be used to give you a discount off anything you buy at your local Corrib Oil Petrol Station.

Why not give us a call for more information on 1800 267742 or complete an application form in any of our stores and you will be issued with a rewards tag that you can use straight away to collect loyalty points.

Apply in any of our stores

Complete an application form in any of our stores or call us on 1800 267742 for more information