Your oil tank plays a huge part in keeping your oil secure and your home warm. It is vital to care for it and make sure it is functioning well.
If you are getting one installed for the first time it is better to get some help from the professionals who can advise the best size tank for you and determine the best location for your tank.
If your tank is more than a few years old then make sure you give it regular checks.
You should always check the following :

• Make sure its legs are not folding under the weight.
• Have a look under the tank to make sure it is still stable and has no cracks in it.
• Make sure the tank gauge is working properly and see that the level goes down as oil is used.
• Check that the venting whistle makes a sound when you are filling the tank. If it does all is in good order.
• Inside your tank the oil should look clear. Condensation can build up in the tank and will trap water. As oil floats on water cleaning is necessary to rectify this.
• Make sure the tank is in a good location giving it protection from the elements such as strong winds and snow.
• It is important to check that branches will not fall on the tank as it could cause leaves to fall in the tank.
• Fencing around the tank will keep it secure and deter burglars.
• If the tank is blackened you may have water leaking into it. Check the pipes that connect to the tank for drips or dampness. Do the same for filters and valves.
• It goes without saying checks for leaks need to be done on a regular basis as this can cost you a lot of money if a leak goes unnoticed.

Oil tanks usually come with a 10year lifespan. That gives some idea of the lifetime that should be expected from them. As your tank starts to age keep an even closer eye on it.
A newer tank is an investment but will save you money in the long run.

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