Corrib Oil are delighted to introduce our Corrib Deli App a new and exciting addition to our services.
You can download the app to your phone from wherever you get your apps or if you don’t use apps visit where you can order online from Corrib Deli.

The Corrib Deli App has an exciting range of your favourite items from Corrib Deli such as the Breakfast Roll, the Chicken Fillet Roll and your favourite sandwich custom made the way you like it.
You will get 10%  off your first order on the app or online.

With the Corrib Deli app or online ordering, you simply order from your local Corrib Oil Service station, pick your collection time and then collect your food instore with no queue. It’s that simple and very handy in these times when people don’t want to delay.
Your payment details are saved securely so you don’t have to worry about looking for cash or cards either.
There is a host of special offers only available on the Corrib Deli App or online.
Corrib Deli We’re Ready Already.

Winter is almost here so you may want to check your oil tank to make sure you don’t run out of home heating oil. While you are instore collecting your food you can also order your heating oil.

Corrib Oil originated in Claremorris in 1987 and now have 20 service stations in the west, southwest and midlands.
Check all our locations here.