World Cup Ready with Corrib Oil Deli

By Corrib Oil | 21st June 2018

Well Italia 90 it is not and we are feeling sorry for ourselves that Ireland are not a feature of  the FIFA World Cup 2018.

None the less the tournament is proving to be very exciting and thrown up a few surprises even in the early stages.

The hosts Russia had a great start with a 5-0 victory over Saudi Arabia while Portugal and Spain shared a 3 -3 draw.

Little Iceland are capturing the hearts of fans everywhere and earned much respect holding Argentina to a 1-1 draw.

And what can we say about Mexico beating Germany 1-0. Sadly Mo Salah did not look himself possibly playing too soon after injury and unable to save Egypt from early elimination.

Some cracking games ahead and we look forward to some great action.

If you are watching the matches at home remember your local Corrib Oil shop and Deli has everything to help you enjoy the matches.

Be it wine or beer that is your tipple we have great offers in our off licence. (selected stores only).

There are a range of treats such as chocolate rolls, chocolate bars, and soft drinks along with gourmet sandwiches and homemade evening dinners from our deli.

Should you be inviting friends over you cannot do any better than our World Cup Platters featuring a range of options such as Chicken or Cod Goujons, Scampi, Sausage Rolls, Vegetarian Spring Rolls or Kentucky Wings.

More details are here or contact your local deli.

Now, who is going to be playing in the Final? Brazil v Portugal ?? Enjoy folks and remember to share your photos enjoying our food with the #corriboilworldcup