Working for Corrib Oil: 1,000 employees and growing

By Corrib Oil | 10th November 2022

After taking over 12 filling stations in Munster last year, there are now more than 1,000 people working for Corrib Oil nationwide. This includes more than 20 oil depots alongside 30 filling stations across Ireland. Although the company continues to expand across Ireland, its culture remains that of a family business that prizes being part of the local community above all.

“One thing we’re seeing more often recently is that going straight into college isn’t for everyone. For young people who are not sure what they want to do, taking some time to work while they figure that out can be really important. Some end up staying with us and going on a different path to reach their goals, and some do decide to go on to college, and we support them with flexible hours if they want to continue working,” said Fiona Keane, HR Business Partner. The company was proud to be named one of Ireland’s Best Managed Companies by Deloitte earlier this year.


What is working for Corrib Oil like?

Among store assistants and managers, providing outstanding customer service in every interaction is the goal. Employees are involved in every aspect of making the store a success, from encouraging customers to sign up for the company’s Rewards Tag programme to merchandising and stocktaking. There is always room for growth within a role for those who seek it.

Promoting from within is a cornerstone of the Corrib Oil approach. Fiona said: “One thing we value in a manager is the ability to spot someone who comes in with a good attitude, talent and ambition, and trains them to the point where they can become managers themselves.”

For those with a passion for food, there are plenty of opportunities in Corrib Oil’s chef-led delis, where breakfast, lunch and dinner are served daily. As well as that, in-store partners like Chopped, Blue Thunder and Insomnia provide a wealth of opportunity to learn more about the food industry while working for Corrib Oil.

For others, the joy of the open road is what brings them to work for Corrib Oil, with artic and rigid lorries crossing Ireland daily. The company sees drivers as an important link between Corrib Oil and the communities they serve.

Within the company, many who began as store assistants, deli assistants and drivers have gone on to work in our accountancy, human resources, and management roles. This happens through both formal apprenticeships and on-the-job learning and development opportunities. All roles are advertised internally, and managers are quick to encourage members of their teams to apply for promotions.

For entry-level roles, the best qualification you can have at Corrib Oil is the right attitude. Energy and enthusiasm are  important, as is the ability to build relationships with co-workers and customers alike.

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