Summer Days in the West of Ireland with Corrib Oil

By Corrib Oil | 7th June 2018

After a terrible winter it is no wonder that the country is rejoicing with the current spell of warm weather.

Whatever you do make sure you get some time to enjoy this weather as we can never tell when it will be but a distant memory.

Generations have been reared with the tradition of flocking to the beach when the weather gets warm and it shows no signs of losing popularity.

We are blessed to have many fine beaches on the West coast such as Old Head with its long stretch of sand and spectacular views of Croagh Patrick.

Silver Strand in Mayo is another gem located about 14 miles west of Louisburgh.

Carrowniskey (Louisburgh) has a vast expanse of sand and great waves making it famous for horse racing and surfing as well as swimming.

Further north in Mayo we have Carrowteigue which is one of the prettiest beaches with sandy coves and dunes as well as a cliff walk.

Galway bound and you are spoilt  for choice, our favourite is Salthill  offering safe swimming and a glorious view of Galway Bay and the hills of Clare.

A little bit further out from the city we have Silverstrand, Barna which is a safe sandy beach bounded by cliffs.  It too offers magnificent views of Galway Bay.

An enjoyable trip to the beach involves planning so leave in plenty of time and don’t be stuck in traffic wasting the day.

Stock up and enjoy some of the many snacks and treats at  Corrib Oil. Some very healthy and some gloriously sinful but hey it’s the summer so we are allowed a treat or two.

Pick up a pair of sun glasses which will stop you squinting at the sun and avoid unnecessary burning and discomfort with our sunscreen.

Sort out your picnic items from our deli where we offer a range of gourmet sandwiches and baps freshly made to order with your favourite and wrapped for you to enjoy on the beach.

We also offer salads freshly made with your choice of ingredients perfect for that light meal on the hot days.

After your sandwich treat yourself to an éclair or a pastry from our bakery.

Don’t forget to stock up on ice cubes to enjoy cool drinks on the beach and also pick up a few bottles of our own Corrib Oil Water.

We do love a 99 ice cream but sadly  they won’t last too long beyond the forecourt, delicious all the same.

Visit our website for details of  shop locations and if you want to have a summer gathering in your house check out the range of  outdoor catering options.

Don’t forget to use the #corriboilsummer  and share your photos of you enjoying the great Irish summer  2018.