Shuttington Holdings ULC Gender Pay Report 2023

By Corrib Oil | 22nd December 2023

Gender Pay Gap Report 2023

Shuttington Holdings ULC

Quartile Reporting

The gender pay gap is a measure of the difference in the average pay and bonuses of men compared with women across an organisation. We are confident that we have equal pay for equal work, displayed by our median pay which shows no gap in pay between men and women employees who carry out similar roles. However, we recognise that there is more to do and are committed to working to close the gap in the overall average pay for men and women in the organisation.

This gap exists due to the unequal distribution of men and women in senior technical and management roles. Shuttington Holdings recognises a gender imbalance exists and is taking action to address this existing gap. We acknowledge that it will take some time until a balance is found, but Shuttington Holdings is committed to reaching this objective through measures such as to target increasing female senior management through hiring and the growth and development of our existing female talent into more senior roles. As an equal opportunities employer, the culture and ambitions of Shuttington Holdings are well placed to deliver on our programmes of diversity in the organisation. __________________________________________________________

Gender Pay Gap Reporting

We operate in the retail sector and our workforce is predominantly female – 60%. 57% of both male and Female employees received a bonus. 3% of male employees had a BIK element and 1% of females.

Gender Pay and Bonus Pay Gap

An overall gap of 10.16% exists compared to 12.12% in 2022, this exists due to the unequal distribution of men and women in senior technical and management roles. The gender pay gap shows the difference between the mean (average) and the median (mid-point) pay of male and female employees, expressed as a percentage of male employee’s earnings. However, men and women doing the same job for the same pay is reflected within Shuttington Holdings which shows a parity in same pay for the same job.