How to make your home heating oil go further this winter

By Corrib Oil | 7th September 2022

As inflation, carbon taxes, and the war in Ukraine continue to impact the cost of running your home, we know that energy efficiency is important to our home heating oil customers. In this post, we’ll take you through three key ways you can reduce your home’s energy consumption: retrofits with help from the government, small DIY changes that can make a big difference, and lifestyle changes that can help reduce your bills.


Retrofit your home with government grants

If you live in an older home, it is likely that it does not retain heat well. Retrofitting can significantly decrease your energy consumption and reduce the amount of home heating oil you need to keep your home warm. The government has introduced a number of schemes for homeowners and landlords to help improve the energy efficiency of properties that were lived in prior to 2011 and have a poor Building Energy Rating (BER). Grants are available for a variety of energy efficiency projects including:

– Attic insulation (€800-€1,500)

– Wall insulation – including cavity wall, internal dry lining and external insulation (€1,500- €4,500)

– Heating controls (€4,500-€6,500)

– A BER assessment after works are done (€50)

Carrying out some or all of these works can give your home a better BER and help keep it warm for less through the winter. To find out more about how it works and if you’re eligible, check the SEAI website.


The best DIY measures for energy efficiency

There are also smaller changes you can make in your home that can have a big impact.

Rearrange your rooms
Do you have a couch or bed blocking your radiator? Many homes do, and this prevents heat from circulating. Move your furniture and you’ll find your rooms heat up more quickly, using less energy. Don’t dry clothes on your radiators as this blocks the heat from circulating in the room. Instead, put them on a clothes horse near a radiator.

Mind the immersion
As every Irish mammy knows, leaving the immersion on is a disaster for energy efficiency. Keep your water hot for longer by ensuring your water boiler is well insulated. A jacket of at least 80mm is advisable.

Dodge the draft
Windows and doors are the two main culprits for drafts that let cold air into a room you’re trying to keep warm. Draft excluders are a budget-friendly way prevent warm air escaping through the bottom of your door frame. Thermal curtains are also a good investment.


Lifestyle changes that help make your home heating oil last

Of course, one of the biggest factors in our energy consumption will always be our own lifestyles. This is something we have control over, and there is often room for improvement.

– Turning down the thermostat in your home by just one degree can make a significant difference to your energy consumption.

– Make sure that in spare bedrooms and other rooms that are not used often, the radiators are turned off at the valve. Consider whether or not your halls need to be heated too.

– Wash your clothes at low temperatures and only when you have a full load to do. Remember, for appliances that use a lot if energy it can be cheaper to put them on at night.

– Take shorter showers, and consider using an eco-friendly shower head that reduces flow while maintaining good pressure levels.

– Switch off lights when you leave a room, and install energy efficient light bulbs

By modernising your home, making some quick DIY changes, and implementing some lifestyle changes, you can dramatically reduce your energy usage. Even choosing two or three of the above tips will make a difference.

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