Fueled by Diversity: Corrib Oil’s commitment to equality on International Women’s Day 2024

By Corrib Oil | 8th March 2024

At Corrib Oil, our workforce is the lifeblood of everything we do. As we continue to expand nationwide, International Women’s Day 2024 is an opportunity for us to reflect on our commitment to equality and how we make it happen.

Nurturing talent: Promotion from within at Corrib Oil

Eugene Dalton, Gillian Morris, Eamon Dalton, Evelyn O’Connell, Fiona Keane, Sean Heaphy and Richard Carroll.


It has been an overwhelmingly positive year for women at Corrib Oil, as a restructure of our management team saw women take over key roles in retail and finance. Gillian Morris became Head of Retail Sales and Operations, a promotion from her role as Group Operations Manager. Gillian began her career in 2008 on the retail floor at H2, now Corrib Oil, steadily securing promotions to Assistant Manager, Manager, and then Multi-Site Manager before joining the senior management team.

Gillian said:  “When I started working in the forecourt in 2008 I expressed interest in progressing my career in retail. The company’s leadership placed a strong emphasis on employee development, creating an environment where you were encouraged to pursue career goals. At the time I was a retail assistant and had worked in the deli, so I knew that retail was for me.

“I was fortunate to have an experienced mentor who guided me through my training programme. The regular one-on-one sessions provided valuable insights, helping me navigate challenges and make informed decisions. If I made a mistake, I held my hands up, we talked it through and I took learnings from it. Regular feedback sessions allowed me to understand my strengths and areas for development.”

“In 2015 I took on the role of Group Operations Manager, this was a huge learning curve and there was a big adjustment period moving to an office and no longer being on the shopfloor every day. I had a more behind the scenes role which involved seeing broader operational aspects of the entire business. The new role involved improving efficiency, reducing costs, and ensuring overall operational excellence across multiple sites. Circling back to my time as a retail/deli assistant really helped me here as I understood the business from the ground up so always factored this in my decision making.

“When the role of Head of Retail Sales & Operations opened last year, I felt I was ready for my next career challenge. I have thoroughly enjoyed my first year in the new role, it has been a challenging but successful year, which I couldn’t have delivered without the skilled and knowledgeable Retail Team and the ongoing support from the Senior Leadership Team.”

Fiona Keane, HR Business Partner, said: “We have a great culture of progression and promotion from within; as a company we love to see people grow in their careers. Corrib Oil believes in promoting from within whenever possible. We value internal talent development and strive to provide opportunities for career advancement to all employees who demonstrate potential and dedication.”

Gillian’s story is just one example of inspiring women rising through the ranks. Evelyn O’Connell, who joined H2 in 2012, has been promoted from Financial Controller to Group Financial Accountant since becoming a Corrib Oil employee. As the company continues to grow ambitiously, she plays a pivotal role in ensuring we retain healthy finances.

A growing number of our retail sites, delis and depots now managed by female leaders, and that’s a trend we expect to continue in the coming years. Many Corrib Oil managers grow into their roles, working their way up from retail assistant roles to shift supervisor or assistant manager. For those who with to grow further, the company provides ample routes to career development, both formally and informally.

Fiona said: “Internal promotions are based on merit & transparency, ensuring that talented individuals have opportunities for advancement and career growth within the organisation.”


How we #InspireInclusion

The theme of International Women’s Day 2024 is #InspireInclusion. At Corrib Oil, we place huge emphasis on inclusion. Our goal is to ensure that not only does everyone get a place at the table, but that everyone has the opportunity to be heard regardless of gender or any other difference in background.

Corrib Oil is proactively working to recruit and train more female truck drivers. We are delighted to be a registered employer to recruit Apprentices for the New Level 6 Transport Operations & Commercial Driver Apprenticeship. Historically considered a male job, we’re working with ATU & Generation Apprenticeship to ensure these opportunities are open to all. Aspiring truck drivers can complete theoretical modules online and gain practical experience with Corrib Oil to become fully licensed and accredited drivers. “ Earn & Learn”.

Corrib Oil artic driver Emma Guinan said last year: “A driving job is great. Getting my rigid and artic licences is something I am very proud of. I had fantastic training, and the lads are great colleagues. We all look out for one another. Professional driving is a great career choice for women and I would highly recommend to the ladies to get their HGV licence.”

This year, all Corrib Oil managers have taken part in Diversity and Inclusion training. The aim of the training was to reinforce the ethos of inclusion, to help managers understand how to manage sensitive D&I issues with their teams, and to help managers identify any unconscious biases they may have.

Fiona said: “Corrib Oil understands the importance of fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace where everyone feels valued, a sense of belonging,  respected, and empowered to contribute their best.”


Creating your career path at Corrib Oil

Retaining our best staff is a top priority, and that’s why we provide ample opportunity for growth. Employees who started their careers on our retail sites can now be found in our finance, HR, operations and senior management teams.

Fiona offered this advice to women at the company who want to advance to senior roles: “To all our young females in Corrib Oil who aspire to progress, my advice would be to focus on developing your skills, building strong networks, and seizing opportunities for growth. They should communicate their career goals and aspirations to their managers and seek feedback to continuously improve and grow professionally.

“Continuous learning and staying adaptable in a fast-paced environment are key to success. By demonstrating their capabilities and making their career aspirations known, young women can position themselves for advancement and contribute to Corrib Oil’s continued success.”

Gillian added:  “Always believe in yourself and your capabilities. Take initiative, contribute ideas, demonstrate a strong work ethic, embrace learning, build relationships, and communicate your aspirations with your manager. Be open to learning new things and don’t be afraid to ask questions, I always say every day is a school day.”

“Take advantage of the training programs and courses provided by Corrib Oil to enhance your skills and knowledge. I am looking forward to promoting the next generation of female senior managers at Corrib Oil.”

Happy International Women’s Day 2024

Corrib Oil would like to wish all our employees and customers a Happy International Women’s Day. If you’re looking for a new role where your contributions are noticed and valued, see our open roles here.


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