Fuel Card

Puts you in complete control of your motor operation costs

What is it?

Corrib Oil fuel cards are accepted across our continually growing network of Corrib Oil petrol stations and fuel depots, as well as the full network of Circle K Service Stations in Ireland. You’ll never be far from convenient refuelling and competitive diesel and petrol prices.

How to apply

Application forms are available at any Corrib Oil fuel depot or petrol station. You can also FREEHONE 1800 267742 and we will post one to you. Please return completed application forms to:
Corrib Oil,
Home Heat Plan Section,
Unit 16, Galway Technology Park,

Fuel Card Application Information

All fuel card applicants must complete the direct debit mandate or the application will be refused. In some circumstances a personal guarantee/deposit may be requested & payment terms may vary. Unpaid/cancelled direct debits will result in fuel cards being suspended immediately.

Benefits of Corrib Oil Fuel Cards

• Competitive petrol and diesel prices

• Cards activated and posted on the day application form is completed and returned

• Interest free credit * and no card/admin charges guaranteed

• Convenient refuelling locations at petrol stations nationwide

• 24 hour access to petrol and diesel pumps at selected sites

• A complete & detailed analysis of petrol or diesel consumption with your monthly statement

• Eliminates the need to carry large cash floats and cuts fraud down to minimum

• Option to limit weekly usage on cards for additional security purposes

• Puts you in complete control of your motor operation costs

• Additional fuel cards may be requested at any time

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