Our top tips for oil tank security

By Corrib Oil | 8th October 2018

Recently, there has been an upsurge in oil theft, and customers can wake up to find the tanks they just filled have been completely empty. This can be devastating to a household budget, and we recommend following these tips to protect yourself.

Oil tank security tips

Evaluate where is your tank located

We recommend it should be hidden from view. Make sure it is not near the road or visible from the road giving would be thieves a fast getaway. Remember gangs are surveilling county areas and taking advantage of quick getaways given the ease of motorway access and the lack of Gardai. If you can’t change the location of the tank, then perhaps you can surround it with shrubbery and camouflage the tank. If you do this ensure you maintain easy access all around your tank for safe delivery and maintenance.


Monitor the oil levels in your tank

Make sure you monitor the levels of oil in your tank as it may be small amounts of oil that is been taken so it could be difficult to spot thefts.
There are monitoring systems that can help to track how much oil you use, how much oil is in the tank and whether fluctuations in the level are consistent with the time of year or indicate theft. You can have this data is sent to your phone, PC or tablet. You can also get an alarm system that will alert you if there is a sudden drop in the tank levels. Check your insurance policy covers heating oil theft as well as any spillages that may occur due to damage caused to oil tanks.

Add a padlock or CCTV

Combination locks are great as you can pass the code to us so we can deliver when you are not at home. CCTV systems are now readily available and relatively cost-effective. Install a CCTV system to your house to record any activity. Make sure you also advertise the cameras by placing a CCTV warning sign on or around your heating oil tank. The CCTV footage can also be viewed on your phone or tablet.

With all these measures we hope you can prevent your oil been stolen.

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If you have any questions on oil tank security, don’t hesitate to get in touch and we’ll be happy to give you advice.