Manage your home heating bills with Corrib Oil savings plans

By Corrib Oil | 21st October 2022

At Corrib Oil, we know that being able to manage your home heating bills is important to you. Instead of paying for your home heating oil in one lump sum, we offer three ways to split the cost throughout the year. Our payment plans are designed to help your household budget this winter.

Corrib Oil Home Heat Plan

Our Home Heat Plan is aimed at homeowners. The plan allows you to save €100 or more each month through a direct debit. Once three consecutive payments have been made, you can get credit to the value of the same amount. So if you have saved €300, you can get €300 of home heating oil on credit, interest free. This plan is available to customers who have paid for at least one order in advance. If it is your first time ordering with Corrib Oil, you’ll need to pay for one order in advance to be able to sign up for the plan.

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Corrib Oil Smart Save Plan

The Smart Save Plan is aimed at renters or homeowners who want to manage your home heating bills. The plan allows you to save €25 or more each week through a direct debit. You can use your savings to buy home heating oil at any time. On this plan, you can get a bonus €50 worth of oil free. After six months or €600 of savings, whichever comes first, there is a once-off €50 bonus applied to the account provided all direct debits are met. All payments are made in advance. We are unable to offer credit on this plan.

Corrib Oil Savings Card

Our most flexible option for saving towards your home heating bill is our Corrib Oil Savings Card. Collect a Corrib Oil Savings Card from any of our locations to start saving. You can top this card up as often as you want, by any amount you want. Choosing to top up by even €10/week can make a big dent in your bill when the time comes for an oil delivery. You can also use the money on your savings card to fuel your car or to buy anything we sell in store. It’s a convenient and proactive way to manage your home heating bills.

With all our plans you earn €1 back for every €100 spent with our Corrib Oil Rewards Tag. You can spend this at any of our Corrib Oil locations, or do a points swap for vouchers at stores like Penneys and Lifestyle Sport.

It is important to understand that these are savings plans we have designed to help you manage your energy bills. Terms and conditions apply. Call 1800 267742 to find out more. If you need to change your direct debit, contact Corrib Oil directly rather than your bank.

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