Corrib Oil Fuel Card: Accepted at 400+ locations nationwide

By Corrib Oil | 11th March 2022

Do you run a number of vehicles as part of your business? If so, keeping track of the associated expense can be arduous. Using a Corrib Oil Fuel Card makes life easier for your drivers, your Accounts team, and for management to track and manage costs.

A fuel card can save a lot of hassle. It takes a lot of time if employees must submit receipts, which then have to be audited, approved, and paid. Instead, employees fill their vehicles using a fuel card, and you get one simple, monthly statement that shows exactly how much you’re spending on fuel.

The Corrib Oil Fuel Card is accepted at more than 40 Corrib Oil filling stations and depots, as well as at hundreds of Circle K locations nationwide. That means you’re never far from a service station where your fuel card is accepted.

Corrib Oil Fuel Cards offer fair petrol, diesel, and AdBlue prices making sure you can effectively manage your fleet management costs. Enquire today about a Corrib Oil Fuel Card which is accepted across the growing network of Corrib Oil Service stations and Fuel Depots. Our Fuel Card is also accepted at any Circle K service station in Ireland.

Why choose a Corrib Oil Fuel Card?

Accepted nationwide

The Corrib Oil Fuel Card is accepted at more than 400 locations nationwide. Your Fuel Card will allow you 24/7 access to petrol and diesel pumps at selected sites in Ireland. 

Exceptional customer service

We pride ourselves on outstanding customer service. Your card can be activated and posted to you as soon as we receive your application from correctly completed. We guarantee all applications will be approved immediately subject to standard credit checks. Additional fuel cards may be requested at any time should you extend your fleet of vehicles.

Complete oversight of your fleet’s fuel spend

We offer a complete and detailed analysis of petrol or diesel consumption with your monthly statement helping you to plan ahead and forecast according to your business needs. We provide one simple VAT invoice and you can view your account any time online. Enjoy interest free credit with no hidden administration charges.

Fraud prevention and fleet management

The Corrib Oil Fuel Card is safe and secure, and cuts fraud down to minimum. The option to limit usage on fuel cards on weekly or monthly basis so you can budget and plan ahead for your fleet management costs.

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